Episode 99

July 23, 2018

The blood gets up a little bit in this week's episode, as we talk about a few topics that we've all got some strong feelings about: Age of Sigmar, the ITC Hobby Track, and Kill Team. Even when we're agreeing with each other, it still sounds like we're arguing!


Episode 98

July 5, 2018

We are back, and with a full roster this week. Tom regales us with tales from Lock & Load (spoiler: he drinks a lot), Steve takes some coaching sessions for 40k competitive play, and Ward goes to his first tournament in ages as a player! Maybe next week Dan will paint a model or something.


Episode 96

June 18, 2018

Forgive the time warp, but hopefully a discussion about Gretchinz!, the crazy impressive lineup from Warhammer Fest, and talking about Pow Town will be worth it for you listeners out there!


Episode 97

June 5, 2018

Fresh off their recent class with Sergio Calvo Rubio, Tom and Ward lead the discussion on painting classes (including how to get the most out of them), and we do a quick review of Maelstrom Bloodbowl tokens.


Episode 94

April 23, 2018

Joining us this week to talk about Shadespire from a bit of a different perspective is Alex! We also dig into the 40k Big FAQ #1 and the Drew Carey Codex (Commorragh rocks!).


Episode 93

April 16, 2018

For this week's thrilling episode, we sandwich a little Hobby Mail Sack in between yet more 40k discussions. What do we notice as the Index lists continue being replaced with proper codexes, and how has the general awesomeness of the game affected the community? Listen and find out.


Episode 91

March 28, 2018

This episode we establish a bit of a theme, as we delve into wound tracker etiquette, some tournament results, and then right back into a big tournament etiquette/sportsmanship issue from last month, and finally ending up on some hobby content -- using glass microbeads for some next level water effects.


Episode 92

March 25, 2018

For this week's episode, we rummage through the Hobby Mail Sack and answer a bunch of hobby questions submitted by you, the listeners! Tom also brings back a classic segment, and later does his best Steve Jobs impression (one more thing!).


Episode 90

March 11, 2018

This week we lead with some news of TTCombat's Dropzone releases before getting back on our bullshit about the new factions for Shadespire and Thousand Sons for 40k. We really can't help ourselves anymore.


Episode 89

March 6, 2018

For this week's episode, we keep going deeper down the 40k 8th edition rabbit hole and we're taking you all down with us!