Episode 90

March 11, 2018

This week we lead with some news of TTCombat's Dropzone releases before getting back on our bullshit about the new factions for Shadespire and Thousand Sons for 40k. We really can't help ourselves anymore.


Episode 89

March 6, 2018

For this week's episode, we keep going deeper down the 40k 8th edition rabbit hole and we're taking you all down with us!


Episode 88

February 14, 2018

In this post-LVO episode, Tom, Ward and Steve talk about their experiences with the convention (from tournaments and GW studio previews, to hobby seminars and painting competitions!). The main takeaway is that they can't be held accountable for anything that happened that weekend.


Episode 87

February 14, 2018

In our glorious return to podcasting, we talk at length about the 40k bug that has bitten us all, LVO 2018 plans, and some batshit crazy new years resolutions.


Episode 85

September 27, 2017

This week's episode, the first recorded in our new Studio B, features special guest Danny H. as we discuss Grymkin for Warmahordes, Greenstuff World's weathering brushes, and Flames of War.


Episode 84

August 14, 2017

Join us for this week's episode, where we chat about Ward's new weapon of choice for basing, the textured rolling pin, review the 40k Open War card deck, and speculate a little about Dropzone Commander 2nd edition.


Episode 83

July 30, 2017

In this year's unofficial Lock and Load episode, Tom talks about all the new and shiny things brewing from Privateer Press, and his Hardcore Casual movement for Warmachine.


Episode 82

July 3, 2017

Another 40k-tastic episode of Hobby Night is here for you. We chat about some of our first games under the new ruleset, thoughts about the armies and their rules, and somewhere in the middle we take a bit of a break to answer some hobby questions from the listeners.


Episode 81

July 2, 2017

For this episode, we talk about getting your models started right with good base coats, we discuss the surging popularity of Bloodbowl, chat about tokens and objective markers for your games, and finally Tom digs up a true gem from our gaming past. You'll have to listen to find out more on that last one.


Episode 79

May 24, 2017

Don't ask what happened to episodes 77 and 78. They'll show up eventually. This week we have a hobby mailbag type thing that needs a clever name before we bring it back, we drool over the new Primaris Space Marines for 40k, and we also have a chat about this #workbenchwednesday thing the cool kids are all doing.